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Desk of Founder

imgPadmshree Krishn
Dev Dewan
Founder of VASFA
Sri Krishn Dev Dewan established VASFA for farmers in 1971.

Desk of Principal

Principal of VASFA

new_sbconsultancy    "Access to Energy"

" The Access to Energy for Rural Areas of Indo-German Energy Programme " 2015-16 has been launched in VASFA by GIZ. The objective of the program is as below:-

new_sbconsultancy    "Important Updates"

"Since last 5 years we were working with Micro Insurance Academy, New Delhi but now since April 2017 the program of RES-RISK project has been closed and BASIXS has taken up the program right now in the same form and manner"

Agriculture Development

arrow_sbconsultancy Field level demonstration on Moong with the help of Agriculture department, Govt. of Bihar in 81 Acres of Vaishali Block.
arrow_sbconsultancy Under Mechanized farming system for kharif paddy through DSR in 25 Acres through support of CIMMYT “CSISA”
arrow_sbconsultancy Maize cultivation through bed shaper/line sowing was taken up.
arrow_sbconsultancy Land leveling through laser land leveler was completed as per demand.
arrow_sbconsultancy Seed production:- Under this program procurement of Potato seed is under process.

Skill Development

arrow_sbconsultancy Skill development program through IT services is going on.
arrow_sbconsultancy 1st week of every month admission of BCC and CCC took place
arrow_sbconsultancy In P.K.D.D.I.T.C admission process is completed for the session 2016-18 on 15th Sep. 2016 especially in Electrician and fitter trade

Social Sector

arrow_sbconsultancy With the support of Micro Insurance Academy, New Delhi to protect farmers as well as women of the area two way insurance coverage by their own efforts is in process. This covers mainly Cattle insurance and health insurance of group members based on individual members of the family. Total No. of health insured peoples are 1006 during this financial year which is under SHGs and farmers groups. With the help of IFFCO-Tokio 60 livestock are insured.
arrow_sbconsultancy For empowerment of women SHGs the vocational training is arranged in the month of Nov.-2016 to March-2017
arrow_sbconsultancy The total claim disbursed Rs. 38820/- in health sector and Rs. 136838/- In Agriculture during financial year 2015-2016


VASFA is a partner of GIZ and under powering agriculture phase-II work is going on since Nov. 2015 to Oct. 2016. The three main items has been incorporate in is program:-

arrow_sbconsultancy Two nos. of bankable solar water pump for community
arrow_sbconsultancy Portable solar pump for easy access to the farmers who can use it as per demand
arrow_sbconsultancy Demonstration for its popularization


arrow_sbconsultancy MIA is also under process to support in the economical up gradation by supporting vocational training as well as in agriculture practices. Under this program since June-2016 following support program for the farmers keeping in view climatic change effect on human health, livestock and in agriculture is under process. Additionally, to aware farmers 03 nos. of farmers training is completed in the villages of VASFA area.
arrow_sbconsultancy Weather index based crop insurance with the help of IFFCO-Tokio in 120 Acres of paddy and 05 Acre Maize is completed on 24th July 2016. The insurance covered period from 25th July -2016 to 10th Nov.-2016.