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Desk of Founder

imgPadmshree Krishn
Dev Dewan
Founder of VASFA
Sri Krishn Dev Dewan established VASFA for farmers in 1971.

Desk of Principal

Principal of VASFA

new_sbconsultancy    "Access to Energy"

" The Access to Energy for Rural Areas of Indo-German Energy Programme " 2015-16 has been launched in VASFA by GIZ. The objective of the program is as below:-

new_sbconsultancy    "Important Updates"

"Since last 5 years we were working with Micro Insurance Academy, New Delhi but now since April 2017 the program of RES-RISK project has been closed and BASIXS has taken up the program right now in the same form and manner"

Monthly Activity of Vaishali Area Small Farmers Association in October 2018

arrow_sbconsultancy Renovation of community tube-well No. 02 is completed and electrification of pump is in process.

arrow_sbconsultancy LPG Panchayat Program for awareness among BPL families under Ujjwala Yojana was arranged on 25 Panchayat of Vaishali district.

arrow_sbconsultancy Inputs supply to Farmers 20 mt. Urea, 23 mt. DAP and 5 mt. APS

arrow_sbconsultancy Stored wheat seed from TDC and IFFTC (IFFCO) 59 mt

arrow_sbconsultancy 34 cattle is inseminated and 80 dose given to cattle of Deworming.

arrow_sbconsultancy Under Swasthya Kamal Yojana nearly 762 members enrolled them self under community health insurance program. 37 cattle have been also insured under community cattle insurance program and 34 claim received for their health claim payment is under process.

arrow_sbconsultancy End line survey of Swasthya Kamal Yojana completed for 200 families

arrow_sbconsultancy 3 nos. of claim committee meeting conducted and settled claim for Rs. 23353/-

arrow_sbconsultancy ITI examination for 1st year and 2nd year is in process, New admission for session 2018-20 has been completed, 63 trainees are enrolled.

arrow_sbconsultancy Building construction is in process for 2nd floor.

arrow_sbconsultancy GIZ agreement signed in Oct. 2018 for 5 months Amounting Rs. 5.60 lakh.